Veronica has been tattooing locally since 2005. Since she’s originally from Canada, so you know she’s naturally a very nice person! For as long as Veronica can remember, she has always been involved in art in one way or another. During her childhood, her parents would send her to various summer art camps. Always eager to unleash her creativity, she jumped on any and every opportunity to take art classes throughout school.

Veronica is an award-winning tattoo artist and is best known for her vibrant color work…while at the same time bringing home awards for her black and gray tattoos! She makes a concentrated effort not to pigeonhole herself into one style, so that she can give each individual exactly what they want. Veronica has a dedicated following and takes the time to give each client her undivided attention during their appointment. She focuses mainly on custom tattoos and will usually do a consultation prior to appointments to figure out what design will best suit the person and their body. All she needs is a general idea, and she’ll take it from there.