Hiya, my name is Jennifer Vicaro. I am currently a full time tattoo artist in FL for the past 5 years.

My art journey began when I was just a young child and my mother gave me a pencil and taught me how to draw. I have been passionate about it ever since.
I have been to many art schools since then, the first being Marchmen tech during my high school years where I learned many of the drawing techniques I use today. After high school I decided to attend the Art Institute of Tampa. I had plans to become an art director. After my first year of college I decided I no longer wanted to do that line of work and I wanted to do something a bit more hands on. After some deliberation, I decided tattooing might be what I was searching for. The hunt for an apprenticeship had begun.

I became a full fledged tattoo artist in 2015 when my apprenticeship had ended and I have been in love with it since. I have reached where I am today thanks to all the artists, friends, and family who have been supporting me along the way.

Since then I have continued to look for other art schools to further my studies. I came across the Academe of Art University and decided to do some online schooling. To this day I have occasionally signed up for art classes and studies as well as spoken with other artists to further my knowledge. My favorites things include eating ramen and tattooing cute fuzzy creatures, video game characters, and anime.